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KidTeacher serves as a free resource for educators to find and invite people of various professional backgrounds to come to their classrooms and supplement their lessons with real-life, hands-on type learning experiences.

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Meteorologist Visits 5th Grade Class

Anna, a 5th grade teacher, is preparing her lesson plans for the following month. Her science class will be discussing weather patterns, and she believes it would be so inspiring for her students if a meteorologist would visit her class to talk about his profession.

So, Anna logs into, creates her own private profile, and searches for meteorologists in the area who have registered as volunteers. Glenn, a meteorologist at a local news station, had recently registered as a KidTeacher volunteer because he believed it was the perfect way to give back to his community. Anna finds Glenn’s profile and emails him through KidTeacher's secure messaging system. They discuss Glenn's presentation and confirm plans for his visit.

Anna's students are fascinated by Glenn's presentation and enjoy the change of pace in their daily routine. Later, the students score significantly higher on the weather patterns section of their science test and Glenn, seeing the impact his presentation had on the students, looks forward to visiting another classroom.



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